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Welcome to the Walks Affiliate Program. Put simply, our Affiliate Program allows you to place assets on your website or blog (text links or images most commonly) that will track views, clicks and conversions from your readers to our website. 

Our cookies follow your readers and if they buy our tours, we give you 10% of the value of the sale. 


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The process is easy through these 4 steps:

To link your site/blog to our program, choose what creative you’d like to use from the store of assets that you’ll find in the Tapfiliate dashboard — from ads and images to simple text links. Then place the asset in a relevant place on your site.   



Fill out a form on Tapfiliate.com by clicking on "Register Now" above (takes about 5 minutes). When you sign up you’ll have your own account with a dashboard that shows you the progress you’re making and the commissions you’re due




Every time someone visits the page on your site where the text link or image appears, or clicks on that link, we track them through cookies. That cookie is stored for 30 days. If they book one of our tours within that time, you get 10% of the total sale. As an affiliate, you get access to your own Tapfiliate dashboard where you can track your views, clicks and sales.


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Pristine Sistine

Pristine Sistine Early Entrance Small Group Vatican Tour

Our flagship tour gets you inside the Sistine Chapel before the public.


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Walks Affiliate Program


Early Access Statue of Liberty Tour with Statue Pedestal Access & Ellis Island Tour

Our original Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour, with pedestal access


Skip the Line Paris Catacombs Tour with Special Access

Skip long (!) lines for a special access visit of Paris Catacombs


Payment can be made automatically through PayPal or on an invoiced basis.  Before you join one of our team will speak to you about the best payment cycle/ method for you if you wish.

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